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red spots on upper left side of stomach and pain in upper left side of back by shoulder blade?

Posted by slp777

I woke up the other day with  a rash or a group of about 12 red bumps on upper left part of stomach and one spot a little further away they have somewhat of a burning feeling a little itchy and i have had some pain in upper left side of back by shoulder blade what could this be?
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shingles, get it looked at right now or you can spend the next year or TWO in severe pain.  it causes nerve damage that can be irriversible.  my roomate had shingles about a month and a half ago and it just started as a small out crop of a dozen or so spots on her ribs on the right side and later her leg on her right side. (shingles most of the time stays to one side of the body or the other.  left or right) you can't give it to anyone unless they have never had the chicken pox, then you will be able to give them not shingles but chicken pox, how wierd is that, it's your old chicken pox virus that has lain dormant in you until now.  all it takes is 20 years and a little stress and bam.  go to hospital and get them checked out just incase and if they start to pop and puss that is very bad for you just so you know ok. good luck my friend on this.
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