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Recovery from Breast Augmentation

Posted May 27 2013 6:12am
Breast enlargement surgery is a popular and safe way of enhancing a woman’s breasts and providing the desired volume and more appeal. Breast enlargement is done using implants or via the more natural fat transfer breast augmentation. Women undergoing this cosmetic surgery must follow the advice of their plastic surgeon during the recovery period if the objectives of this surgery are to be achieved. Moreover, if such advice is ignored, it is very likely to lead to serious health complications.

Some Points to Remember when Recovering from Breast Augmentation Surgery

>> It is likely that you may feel some pain, swelling and bruising post surgery. These symptoms will start to improve over the next few weeks. Resting in a semi-upright position will keep you comfortable besides minimizing the swelling. The surgeon may prescribe painkillers in case you need them. He/she will also advise you to take ample rest to allow your body time to recover.

>> During the recovery period, take care not to strain your arms and chest area too much to avoid irritation and bleeding. Sensations such as hardness of the breasts and general discomfort and pain may persist for a few weeks.

>> You should consume a light diet that includes some essential minerals and Vitamin C that aids in the healing process. The consumption of fruits, meat and other dairy products are also important during the period of recovery.

>> While consuming a healthy diet is necessary during the post surgery period, women should refrain from physical activities or exercises causing strain until the surgeon allows it. Similarly, driving to distant locations must also be strictly avoided after the surgery. Another activity to keep away from is heavy lifting. Ensure that you don’t get your wounds wet for at least one week.

>> If your surgeon recommends wearing a tight-fitting sports bra, take care to follow that advice.

Seek Advice in Case of Complications

After the breast augmentation surgery, you must remain very careful about the complications that may rise during the post surgery period. Any discharge from the area of the wound, or other issues such as excess time required for healing, must be reported to the surgeon immediately to avoid further more serious complications. It has been generally observed that excessive movement and the absence of proper rest are two of the most common reasons for delayed healing.

Breast augmentation surgery can make the breasts look more appealing, and is one of the most preferred ways for women to enhance their sexuality. Online forums are excellent platforms to ask and obtain clarifications about breast augmentation and its recovery. Here, you can benefit from the advice of experienced plastic surgeons who often participate in the discussions.
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