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Recall: Clairol pulls 10 popular hair color products from store shelves

Posted Apr 12 2011 2:22pm
The voluntary recall involves  three color waves of Natural Instincts home hair coloring products including two shades of brown,  six Creme shades of brown and red and two Vibrant shades of blonde. The  products  were all sold in the US, Canada and Puerto Rico.
The company says  problems stem from a mismatch between the dye and the ColorFresh! Revitalizer packet that comes packaged with the kit.   ColorFresh! is used approximately 2 weeks after the initial coloring  to help revitalize the shade.  Except in this instance, you could end up with an entirely different color than you had before.
Although P&G is moving quickly to remove all the affected boxes of dye from store shelves, if you’ve already purchased one, the advice is to simply toss  the ColorFresh! Revitalizer.The other components of the kit including the colorant and the conditioner are safe to use, says P&G.
A new supply of the hair coloring with the correct colorations are expected to be back on store shelves by May 11, 2011.

To see if your color is on the list, click here.

Other beauty-health news
In other beauty health news, last week an Italian company announced a brand new peptide they say can stop the formation of cellulite- that “orange-peel” skin that many women and some men tend to develop on their thighs, upper arms and buttocks. The peptide –  known as Silusyne – is said to help decrease the number of adipocytes  - those dimpled fat cells we call cellulite -  by interfering with their development.

"We measured the ingredient on how well it can decrease dermo-hypodermal junction irrergularities [skin dimples].The fewer the number of fat cells, the fewer the irregularities," says Elena Canadas, marketing manager for Lipotec, the company bringing the new technology to market.  
That said,  you probably don't want to toss that beach coverup just yet:  There is no word  on whether  the new peptide will make it's way into a consumer product any time soon.
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