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Reasons Why People opt for Breast Augmentation Surgery

Posted Nov 06 2012 3:50am
A few years back, not all women could afford breast augmentation surgery. It was possible only for the rich and the famous. However, with time, things have changed and this procedure has become very common. There is definitely an increase in the number of breast augmentation procedures but do you know the reasons why people opt for this cosmetic breast surgery? The main reason as to why a large majority of women opt for this procedure is very simple. They go for it so that they can have a better overall appearance. Often, the benefits associated with this plastic surgery are improved self esteem and improved self confidence.

Why Are Many Women Not Happy with Their Breasts?

Breastfeeding and childbirth often result in:

  • Loss in breast tissue
  • Sagging of breasts
  • Asymmetrical breasts
  • Change in the shape of breasts

  • After childbirth, many women opt for this cosmetic breast surgery to restore their youthful shape and feel good about themselves and their bodies. The breasts may sag with advancing age. Usually, with this, the breast tissue is gradually lost. A quick fix is offered by breast augmentation surgery and the shape, perkiness and volume of the breasts are enhanced.

  • There are many women who face the problem of small breasts and they are those who mainly opt for this surgery. For a majority of women, the size of their breasts has an impact on their self esteem.  When the size of the breasts is increased and they are made more attractive, there is a great psychological boost and increase in their self confidence.

  • The above category also includes those women whose breast volume has dropped substantially or who have lost body fat or weight.

  • Other determining factors include irregular breast shape and congenital defects. Some women are not happy with their breast shape. Some of them have congenital breast defects or are born with breasts that are asymmetrical. Again, these are considered to be among the major reasons why women turn to this surgery, for improving their appearance and state of mind.

  • Partial or full mastectomy may be required in breast cancer cases. Breast reconstruction and augmentation is an effective option for such women.

A reliable plastic surgeon can ensure excellent aesthetic results and a safe surgery. Follow all the surgeon’s instructions to enjoy the full benefits offered by breast augmentation. Make sure that the surgery is provided at a reputable AAAASF accredited plastic surgery facility.
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