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Random Question Thursday

Posted Jan 10 2013 1:14pm
Like most women who announce they are pregnant, you instantly start getting lots of interesting questions. I for one laugh at them, but many pregnant women find them rude or intrusive. Here are some of the fun questions we have have been asked
Was this planned? This questions should be avoided. Because at the end of the day does it really matter.  Yes our child was planned.

An even better version of the above questions is Did you want to get pregnant? Yes, we did. If we didn't we would take measure to make sure it didn't happen. Of course even if this baby was a surprise do you think I or anyone else is going to say no. :)

How long were you trying? Seriously, you want to know how long we were doing the deed?  Yes, we have been asked this.

Were you really sick at the 3-day? Yes, I was really sick. I didn't know at the time I was pregnant. In fact, were were pretty sure we wouldn't get pregnant in November because I was out of town for the 3-day walk. 

Do you want a boy or a girl? Well, I would love a healthy baby. With our first we really wanted a boy and had a girl. Would I change that, heck now I have an amazing little girl. Now, for us a girl would be easier as we know what to do, but a boy would still be great.

When are you due? This is a pretty common question and I don't think it is out of line at all. Our due date is August 8th. However, I will be having a c/s again this time due to my hips being pinned together from breaking my pelvic bone when I was 18. I had the option last time to have a regular birth but opted for the c/s when they told me one of the major risks would be breaking my pelvic again. Breaking that once is enough for me. This will make my due date any time between the August 1st and the 8th.  With my first I had issues with pre-e at the end, which ended with her being two weeks early, crossing my fingers that I can keep everything under control this time.

That is all of the questions I can think of right now. Have you been asked any crazy questions about pregnancy?

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