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Quick Fix for Your Fall Skin Problems

Posted Sep 19 2008 6:07am
For the most part, I love the Fall season. I love that it gets chilly enough to warrant wrapping myself up in a big, cozy sweater. I love pumpkin everything and hot apple cider. I love watching the universe create its own art with the beautiful and vibrant color of the leaves. I love standing around in a parking lot cooking hot dogs and burgers in anticipation of a great football game. Fall is beautiful in so many ways. However, if you asked my body about Fall, it would probably tell you that Fall is miserable. My allergies act up. If I'm not incredibly diligent about taking my medicine, I will inevitably develop bronchitis. And my skin gets super dry and breaks out. Not fun. So what's a girl to do?

If you're anything like I used to be, when my skin would begin to break out, I would assume it was breaking out because it was oily. So I would typically stop using my moisturizer, begin exfoliating A LOT and I would also use astringents that were typically loaded with alcohol. Does any of this help? Not at all. What happens is when you're skin is dry and you neglect to give it the moisture that it needs, your skin tells your brain, "Hey, we're thirsty!!". Your brain responds in kind by sending a message to your skin to quit waiting around for you and moisturize itself. This all sounds great except that when your skin is so dry that it needs to moisturize itself, it does it with your skin's natural oil glands. So it starts pumping out all this oil to relieve the dryness and you wind up breaking out. So how do you stop the cycle?

Few easy steps1) Wash your face twice a day with a gentle, anti-aging, oil free, customized skin cleanser .
2) Get a really good moisturizer . Your moisturizer should be anti-aging if you're over the age of 25, oil-free and customized for your particular skin needs (e.g., dry, combination, etc.). This way you're giving your skin the moisture it needs without any of the oil that it doesn't.
3) Start moisturizing two times a day. If your skin is well moisturized, it won't need to pump out as much oil.
4) Get a powerful acne treatment . Ideally it should be 5% Benzoyl Peroxide. Treat ONLY the blemish, not the surrounding skin, at night.
5) Get a quality exfoliant and exfoliate 1-3 times a week, NOT every day, depending on the sensitivity of your skin.
6) And to get the coverage you need in the meantime, get a great oil-free foundation . Now if you're not a foundation user, don't freak out. What you should do is put a dimes worth of foundation in your palm and mix it with your moisturizer. Slather the concoction on your face and neck and voila! You're moisturized and your blemishes are beautifully covered without feeling like you have a mask on.

That's it! You should start to notice significant differences in your skin in 1-2 weeks. Not stop obsessing about the zit on your chin and get out and enjoy the season! If you would like to consult about any of the above mentioned products, just email me...cheers! :)
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