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Put your Pelvic Pain on Ice

Posted Jan 15 2009 7:42pm
The burning is definitely the aspect of my pain that is the most difficult to deal with. Give me throbbing over burning any day of the week! Although the pain meds I take help a great deal with the burning, during a flare up or after a long day of work, it breaks through. Aside from the ouch factor, burning pain is really distracting! For me it's as if a fire alarm is going off in my brain. I’ve found that the single best way to put out the fire is ice. The great thing about ice is that it’s a cool remedy for both muscle pain and nerve pain. While burning pain is often classified as nerve pain, muscle pain can also present as a burning sensation.

In the past, I would ice only when I had a flare up or after a long day of work when the burning was intolerable. Now I ice pretty much on a daily basis. Of all the strategies I deploy to conquer my pelvic pain, icing is the only one that gives me that “ahhhh” feeling. It never fails to instantly turn down the volume on my burning. I ice at different times of the day depending on what my pain is up to that day. I find that I can get up to two-three hours of relief from intense burning if I ice for an hour or more. So, oftentimes I’ll ice right after I’m finished working for the day and that way I can enjoy my evening.

Below are two important icing tips:

Never just place an ice cube directly onto your skin; doing so can damage skin tissue. Either wrap the ice in a towel or throw some cubes in an ice pack. When I ice, I use one of those good old fashioned ice packs. I find that they do a good job of molding to the area and reaching all of my hot spots.

Apply the ice for 15-20 minutes at a time. Then remove the ice and allow feeling to come back to the area before reapplying.

Stay cool,
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