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Prozestra Sales Skyrocket on Reports of Antidepressant Properties of Estrogen

Posted Jan 02 2010 12:00am
Good morning everyone, hope your 2010 is off to a great start. Mine certainly is, yesterday I was invited for a delicious lasagna lunch with a friend, today I am off to have lunch with another group of friends (it's a regular Saturday tradition), and Sunday I am off to have lunch and movies with yet another group of friends! I am one lucky lady to have so many great people in my life.

Now, back to hormones (which are, next to friends, my favourite topic of interest!) This article from PRWeb came across my email this morning----and it raises a couple flags for me. The topic of the article is Prozestra, apparently some new, over the counter hormone cream for menopausal symptoms. My concerns about the product include:

  • Most if not nearly all doctors who are truly proficient in bioidentical hormone therapy will emphatically tell you the over the counter creams are NOT worth your money---they are not strong enough to make any significant difference for women who are truly suffering with menopausal symptoms. You need prescription strength hormones to achieve true bioidentical hormone balance.
  • Hormonal balance is NOT a do it yourself project! You absolutely need to have your hormone levels checked (my doctor uses blood work---except for progesterone and for that he takes a detailed patient history to determine deficiency---some practitioners use saliva testing). Many women (me included) are so estrogen dominant they do not need supplemental estrogen as they reach peri/menopause----but nearly all need progesterone. I'm a little surprised that Uzi Reiss, who is well known in the field of bioidentical hormone therapy, is quoted in the article. It makes him seem to be advocating the use of Prozestra, but he may be being quoted out of context to make it look like he is endorsing the product.
  • I have always been taught that you never use hormonal creams on "fatty" areas of the body like the abdomen or breasts. That this is part of the instructions for using this product raises definite red flags for me.
I have gotten so many emails from women who have tried over the counter "hormone" creams (sometimes on the recommendation of their doctor----who probably knows less about hormones than a well read, informed patient) and who have gotten no relief, some are so discouraged that they think all hormonal therapy is a waste of time and money. I'm here to tell you that with proper, bioidentical hormone balance, you can absolutely feel your best----most of you already know my story, for those of you who may be new blog readers, it's detailed on the right side of this blog page. I feel better now than at any time in my adult life, and without a doubt I know it is because of the biodientical hormone replacement. If you need help in finding a practitioner in your area, please email me through the blog and I will send you a list of resources to help you in your search.
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