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Project Lily: Lily Morales gets help in NY from the Discovery Channel and will be featured in People Magazine

Posted Oct 16 2010 12:00am
After a brutal act of domestic violence, Lily Morales found herself struggling to stay alive and had the scars to prove it. Her entire body was horribly slashed with a butcher knife by her abuser and her smile had been ruined.

Lily reached out to me last year, and I started to gather information from her and help her as fast as I could. Together with Survivors in Action, I got Lily the help she couldn't get on her own with the resources available in NYS and in the US. After a long "run around" with the NCADV, Lily finally got help when Alexis Moore and I directed her to a Discovery Channel contact of ours that was searching for a domestic abuse victim in need of cosmetic surgery. Lily got the help and surgeries she needed and will be featured Discovery Health in December 2010 and in People Magazine.

Hi Maria and Alexis. I wanted to give you a little update of what's been going on lately with me. My whole smile has been fixed top and bottom by Give Back a Smile pro-bono dentist Laura Torrado, it was a painful but short process and I am super super happy with the results and my confidence has gone up tremendously. I will send you pictures soon so you can compare. Yesterday I was in Dr. XXXXX office for some pictures, he is the doctor working with Discovery for the documentary, ironically he is also the chairman of Face to Face. My scar is healing well, there's still laser treatments pending to make it look better. They told me there was going to be a makeup person over there to do my makeup...

The lady was Aryn Quinn, founder and CEO of Beauty Cares ( ) it's a foundation that I never heard before of, they work with survivors in shelters to elevate their self-esteem, they give them makeovers and goodies and organize events to raise money and have various celebrities working with them, she was supper nice and supportive and her mother and aunt are survivors. The guy was celebrity makeup artist Johnny Dosse who has worked with Beyonce, it's the makeup person for the Desperate Housewives show and Project Runway, he did my makeup flawlessly and was really nice. He also volunteers for Beauty Cares. I talk to them about you guys and they asked me for your contacts, they told me that they offered their services to many shelters for free and many don't seem interested, and I told them that there are many, many survivors that not necessarily live in a shelter and need help. They will have this event on Oct. 28 in Haven Lounge to raise money for their foundation and will sell tees designed by celebrities and will have a silent auction, they put me as a guest and I think I will be attending. She told me she will invite you and the information is in the website.

Also there will be an article in People Magazine about me and Dr. XXXXX I believe, they haven't interviewed me yet but it will be soon. I'll keep you updated on that. Yes, so that's whats going on so far. Thanks you again both of you for all your help all this started happening after I reached out to you Maria and just look at everything that has happened. Thanks, bye...

Photo after surgery
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