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Pregnant Women can Read Emotions with more Accuracy

Posted Dec 17 2009 12:00am
I realize most of the women reading this blog are not pregant (nor do they wish to be at this stage of life) but I was fascinated by this article from (UK site) ----- it says that elevated levels of progesterone cause women to be able to read others facial emotional cues better than women who are not pregant or men (who do not have as much progesterone at any time in their lives). This makes me curious as to whether women who are taking supplemental progesterone (like me) are also better able to read a person's face. I've always had a heightened sense of intuition (even before progesterone supplementation) ----- and trust me when I tell you I tend to be very sensitive (sometimes to the point of being annoying.)

Those of us in the Southeast are bracing for a possible "snowstorm" of 2-4 inches of snow---and around here, that's a big flippin' deal! I'm originally from Upstate NY (Central NY) where we measure snow in feet, so I'm bemused by all the hysteria in the local media about the storm. That being said, if it does snow, I will be staying huddled in the house, as people in this part of the country do not know how to drive in bad weather. No worries for me, I actually enjoy an "in" day every once in a while-----I have plenty of projects to keep me busy, from researching blog articles, to cleaning/organizing the bookcases, to at least three knitting projects in the works! Bored is not a word in my vocabulary. Stay safe everyone, you will know the storm hits either tomorrow or Saturday if you see about a half dozen articles posted on the blog(s).
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