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Pregnant, blurry vision in one eye.

Posted by Orchid

I am currently 22 weeks pregnant and for the last week i have been suffering with blurry vision in my right eye. Previous to this i had bad neck pain, this has since settled slightly, but my vision is starting to annoy me. I used to be able to wink in both eyes and now i cant in my right, it's as if there is no muscle there to allow it to move. When looking at my eye in the mirror, i have noticed a faded patch just below the outside colour of my eye. I had a routine eye test roughly 3 weeks ago now and everything was fine. My mouth on the right side has also been a little numb, i have noticed when i eat or drink i don't seem to have much control. I was wondering what this could be and if it is anything to worry about. Thanks
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I attended the emergency doctor yesterday as this conditionn was really beginning to affect me. Said i had bells paulsy where one side of your face is usually weakened. They have put me on steroids and said hopefully should clear, no known reason why i have this, could be viral i was told. Lets just hope i feel well soon.
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