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Precautions You Need to Take Before and After Breast Enhancement Surgery

Posted Aug 20 2013 9:06am
Breast enhancement surgery improves the volume of the breasts, enhancing the breast contour and restoring a youthful appearance. If proper precautions are taken before as well as after the procedure, aesthetic and safe results would be ensured. All instructions provided by your plastic surgeon should be followed.

Cosmetic Breast Enlargement – Important Facts to Keep in Mind

The plastic surgeon should be chosen very carefully and you should ensure that he/she is knowledgeable and experienced in performing the procedure. Your comfort with the surgeon and his/her experience are important factors when it comes to getting excellent aesthetic results.

No compromise should be made on the quality of breast implants chosen for the augmentation. Various factors such as the warranty of implants, expenses and other things should be discussed with the surgeon well in advance. You should ask a few questions to the surgeon such as:

>> What results can be expected?
>> How long is the recovery period?
>> Are there any complications and risks?
>> Are the implants FDA approved?
>> Can I see some before and after photographs?
>> When can I resume normal activities?

All your expectations should be discussed with the plastic surgeon in detail and you should make sure that he addresses all your concerns and questions. This will definitely help in ensuring satisfactory breast surgery results. To find an experienced and qualified surgeon in your area, an online research can be made.

The following precautions should be taken to ensure maximum safety:

>>   You should stop or reduce smoking before the procedure. However, smoking should be stopped for some time afterwards too.  Take your surgeon’s advice on this.
>> Always ensure that the surgeon is aware about the herbs, supplements and medications that you are taking. For example, there are certain medications such as ibuprofen and aspirin that may lead to bleeding problems.
>> A healthy diet should be eaten and consumption of alcohol should be avoided a few days before the procedure.
>> Generally, exercise is very good for overall health but prior to the procedure it is advisable to avoid extremely rigorous exercises.
>> After midnight, the night before the surgery, you should not drink or eat anything, including water. A few other precautions may also be advised by the plastic surgeon depending on your health condition.
>> Strenuous activities should be avoided, for a few days after the procedure. Normal routine should be resumed only after the surgeon advises to do so.

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