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Post your pregnancy or childbirth story!

Posted by Amie Newman

Hi all,

At RH Reality Check we are asking women to share your (short) pregnancy and/or childbirth stories to help a fabulous group, Raising Women's Voices, advocate for women's health care issues in health care reform.

Will you help us?

Share your story in the comments section of this post and help Raising Women's Voices advocate for you!

Visit RH Reality Check and share your story!

Amie Newman

RH Reality Check

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I faced a deep depression during my pregnancy, I was under the impression that my body is going to be in a bad shape forever due to this child birth. But eventually, it is a great feeling to be a mother, I have a little baby boy of 2 now. Adiva ( is the medical institute where my experience of becoming a mother was made goodish. Be it a 5 minute ride or a long one from home to hospital, I was treated like a queen. The comfy, medical attention to smallest of things and emotional support at that time matters a lot and I am glad I had it all.
You know, speaking of childbirth, I too, have performed my own circumcision. When I was watching some birth videos, I thought I could give that a try. I went up to the second floor bathroom, crumpled up about 3 or 4 tissues, and stuck them in my anus to push them out (to make believe that i had a vagina). But it kind of hurt once i tried that out, but i got used to it. It was kind of fun, but painful tho. lol :)

hey all,

this is an interesting discussion for sharing pregnancy experiences.... well.... i was 26 when i gave birth to my baby boy presently who is 2 years old....i was always anxious about being pregnant and regular check ups and medical tests used to make me scared like anything....those experiences at dr's clinic were scary. i am now in the perfect shape as i was before....and happy about those terrifying visits to my doctor which made me a healthy mom with a healthy baby... 

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