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post op update #2 - wound healing

Posted Mar 06 2010 8:22am
I had a wound check on Thursday with one of my favorite nurse practitioners. My umbilical incision is healing perfectly. It's the lower incision that isn't doing so great. Do I fault my surgeon? Absolutely not. He did a marvelous job with my tubal.

However, I believe that I am at fault for my delayed wound healing. Why?

I went back to work on post op day #3. I did do some lifting, nothing heavy. I was on my feet for 8 hours. I didn't gradually build back my activity level. My fault. Totally. I should not have gone back to work so soon.

Thus, I split my wound open, and it actively bled.

I also take up to about two weeks to blow the general anesthesia out of my system. I am tired, dizzy, and lightheaded until this happens. I am prone to needing to take 2-3 hr naps during the day time.

Anyhow, the NP opened my wound a little more, and did some digging with hydrogen peroxide and sterile Q tips. Turns out I had some nice blood clots that needed to be worked out of the wound before it could approximate and start to heal from the inside out.

I also was started on antibiotics - something I RARELY take. Just FYI.

I should also mention - I am a slow healer with some of my incisions. I have a history of slow wound healing, and even rejection of suture. It could be the site - were there is excess skin from weight loss (a.k.a. My Pannus).


(Note: this is a picture from the web, not my pannus, but looks very much like my very own pannus. Isn't it beautiful?)

Picture from:

It could be that I do not always get optimal amounts of nutrition (from having gastric bypass). I blame none of this on my surgeon. I knew this info, going into an elective surgical procedure. (This is aimed at the anonymous MD commenter from my previous post op post.)

Am I belly aching and moaning and groaning about my complications? Heck no. I'm just blogging. I write about whatever pops in my head. Take it or leave it.

(Oh, and I'm also off of work til Tuesday. Another wound check on Monday, this time with my surgeon.)

Your sassy AtYourCervix Nursey Nurse
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