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Possible Conception dates

Posted by hol57

Hi I would like some advice on possible conception dates. I had sex with an ex partner on the 10th Aug I was on Dianette and it happened during the 7 day pill free break, so I got a period on the 12th Aug for 3 days.

I didnt continue with the pill as I only took it for a month to help regulate my period as they are very irregular.

I had a scan on the 7th Oct which said I was 6 weeks 2 days.

My second scan on 17th Nov with different person said I was 13 weeks 2 days, but she said that my due date of 31st may 09 would stay the same.

Could it be that I concieved on the 10th or would it be after that?

Can an ultrasound be out by 3 -4 weeks?


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