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PLEASE HELP! burning itching vigina with small red bumps.!! im scared!!!

Posted by topmodel123

i am 17 years old & i have been experiencing extreme itching & burning on my vigina. its been goin on for a couple months now. it burns sometimes when i go to bathroom. whats wierd because the itching & burning there is NEVER there when im on my period. & when i itch .. the more it burns. i looked & saw VERY small red bumps on the inside lip of my vigina. & when i scratch them too much or hard .. they sometimes bleed. i also sometimes have white-yellow-ish stick stuff on my panties from my vigina. i dont know if its like an STD, herpes, or just like a yeast infection. im scared to tell my mom because its kinda of embarrasing & i dont want it to be a STD. can any1 help me ..  im kinda scared .. !!
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i'm really not sure what to say..i've gone through the same thing the yellow-whiteish is a yeast infection.. which is why it itches, if you've been having sex and using a condom that has "spermicidal lubricant" that can cause it, also not keeping your vag clean... it's not an std..


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