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plastic surgery San Diego: What Happens During and after Liposuction

Posted Aug 04 2010 4:46am

plastic surgery San Diego

For women all over the world weight is there biggest self-esteem barrier. Some may think they are too large and others too thin but most have one area where they wish was slimmer than it is. Generally this area is the thighs, hips, buttocks, arms, and or abdomen area. This is what makes liposuction the most popular procedure in all America. Liposuction is a procedure done to remove unwanted fat from a specific area. Liposuction is not a weight loss method in fact; the best candidate for liposuction can successfully lose weight but are using liposuction in the areas that generally do not respond to diet and exercise.


Liposuction can be done by itself but it is often combine with other procedures for example in San Diego tummy tuck patients often chose combine their procedure with liposuction for the best possible results. Many people chose liposuction to improve their shape, liposuction is used to improve body contour by removing fatty deposits.


In San Diego liposuction I most commonly performed as an outpatient procedure under a general anesthetic. Tumescent liposuction is used to minimize bruising, swelling and post operative pain. This technique requires large amounts of saline containing lidocaine in combination with adrenaline. Adrenaline momentarily constricts the small blood vessels in the fat to prevent bleeding, post operative bruising, and baking soda in the solution helps to prevent the sting associated with lidocaince and adrenaline. After the area is injected a narrow metal tube called the cannula is passed back and forth through the area of excess fat and assists its break down. The fat cells are then removed from the body.


Leading San Diego Plastic surgeon s say most patients can expect a lot of the same after surgery depending on how large the liposuctioned area is. Incision made for the insertion of the cannula may drain fluids for several days also, a drainage tube may be needed to help remove fluid in order to prevent infection or fluid build up. After the procedure compression garments should be worn, some surgeons provide these others will tell their patients where to purchase them. Swelling after surgery generally lessens in two to three weeks and the patient can then move around with more ease.


When undergoing plastic surgery San Diego leading surgeons urge their patients to be aware of the risk and concerns their surgery may carry. When it comes to plastic surgery ignorance is not bliss and one must know if there is anything that may affect their end result. Like most other procedures one must take into consideration the risk they run with anesthesia, blood clots and damages to the throat possible allergic reactions that can result in death but rarely do. The risk one runs with liposuction are: seromas, hematomas, focal skin necrosis, visible disfiguring, scars, discoloration. Many of the symptoms one sees immediately following surgery fade so one should not be alarmed, but always contact their surgeon if anything feels or looks irregular.

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