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PlasminPlus Thrombolytic for Heart Health and Improved Circulation

Posted Jan 15 2010 12:00am
PlasminPlus Thrombolytic, 250mg - 36 Capsules

PlasminPlus Thrombolytic, 250mg - 36 Capsules

PlasminPlus Thrombolytic is a dietary supplement for those who have the need to improve their blood circulation, especially those who suffer from cardiovascular difficulties, both acute and chronic, such as : Cerebral thrombus - Cerebral embolism - Pulmonary embolism - Angitis - Myocardial infarction - Hyperplasminemia - Platelet Hypercoagulability - Deep Vein Thrombosis - Traveler's Thrombosis - Blood Clots - Tendency to develop thrombus. PlasminPlus Thrombolytic is all natural, nontoxic and good for long term use without any side effect.

It helps maintain a healthy balance between hemolysis and hemostasis, improves micro circulation, repairs damaged nerve cells and helps reduce blood sugar. Plasmin Plus provides many trace elements and vitamins needed by the human body. PlasminPlus Thrombolytic is used extensively and with great success in China. In China it is used for stroke victims that have suffered paralysis or brain damage, blood clots in the legs and brain, poor circulation, clogged arteries, and to help prevent thrombosis associated with airline travel.

Plasmin is an enteric capsule made of special species of earthworm with state of the art biological engineering technology. Chinese have used earthworm for thousands of years. The famous Compendium Materia Medica describes it as "salty in taste, cold in property, and efficacious in clearing heat, invigorating blood circulation, dissolving stasis, opening up channels, curing stroke, hemiplegia and infantile convulsion," and pointed out that earthworms have self- dissolving ingredients.

How does PlasminPlus work?
Fight Thrombus (Blood Clots) with PlasminPlusPlasminPlus capsule carries plasminPlus into intestines and opens up and plasminPlus is absorbed into blood circulation system. As plasminPlus has a strong affinity to thrombus it attaches to it. The specific collagenase discomposes the collagen shell and fibrinolysin enters the thrombus with profibrinolysin activator which activates more fibrinolysin. Fibrinolysin dissolves the fibrin inside the thrombus. As thrombus disappears the blood vessel is opened and normal blood circulation restored.

PlasminPlus is nontoxic and good for long term use without any side effects. It helps maintain a healthy balance between hemolysis and hemostasis, improves micro circulation, repairs damaged nerve cells and reduce blood sugar. It provides many trace elements and vitamins needed by the human body.

Ingredients: Lumbricus earthworm (Collagenase, Fibrinolysin (plasmin), Profibrinolysin activator)

INSTRUCTIONS FOR GETTING CAPSULES OUT OF BLISTER PACK: Do not push out with thumb!! Cut back of foil with sharp object, as capsules will burst if too much pressure is applied. Capsules are thin so they will disintegrate quicker in your body.

Instructions: Take 2-3 capsules 3 times (preferably half an hour) before meal, or follow instructions from your physician. Keep in a cool and dry place out of reach of children. Period of Use: 5 boxes are needed for one cycle and 5-6 cycles may be necessary depending upon seriousness of the problem. Physical Response: after use for few days the user may experience a sensation like ants walking on your skin or some pain and discomfort on the problematic part of the body.

Usage Warnings: You should NOT use PlasminPlus if you have a tendency to bleed, suffer from mitral insufficiency and bradycardia, those who are on warfarin (Coumadin), woman in pregnancy and in menses. Some of those who are sensitive to high protein and experience allergic reaction may reduce the dosage and increase to normal intake gradually or stop using it.

Usage Foot Notes:
We receive many questions regarding the ability of Plasmin Plus to increase ProTime numbers. The answer is - it varies per individual just as Coumadin does – but you must be very careful and progress with changes in your supplement intake or medication slowly while continuing your ProTime check ups. Also,

1. There are other supplements that may be added to your diet that may also act as blood thinners if your current supplement is not achieving the necessary thinning effect as desired. Vitamin E has been shown to have a blood thinning effect, but you must be cautious as vitamin E has been known to dramatically thin the blood in conjunction with Coumadin or by itself.

2. Herbal Remedies USA can not make medical recommendations – but many people do find that if they slowly increase their intake of standardized vitamin E supplements (while continuing their ProTime tests, they usually can start to reduce their intake of Coumadin if their ProTime numbers continue to rise with the increased vitamin E intake. Garlic & Ginkgo may also have a similar but not so drastic thinning effect in blood, there are a few supplements that have a similar blood thinning effect.

3. Please be cautious when adding any supplementation program to your diet and let your doctor know how you want to proceed as he may increase your frequency of ProTime testing while you add additional supplements to your diet or medical program.

4. We have numerous customers that have testified to dramatic "long term" benefits with the use of Plasmin Plus. But these are not documented medical studies. One individual in particular, (Mike Schaefer) – has been using Plasmin Plus for some time after his heart attacks and surgeries and he seems to believe that it has saved his life. He has also drastically changed his diet and added an exercise regime to his lifestyle. Other customers are taking PlasminPlus in conjunction with Coumadin while seeing their doctor.

5. Anyone with Cardiovascular problems may want to read this book by Dr. Dean Ornish on Proper Diet for Reversing Heart Disease which can be applied to many Cardiovascular problems.

6. Many medical doctors are open-minded (but some are not) about the benefits of QUALITY natural supplements. If they are experienced and opened minded, they will be willing to work with you. Many are also ignorant to the real benefits of natural supplements so they will only recommend what the College of Cardiovascular Medicine says which is – take Coumadin. You may want to find a doctor of natural medicine in your area.

7. More information about PlasminPlus is available below (see Below).

PlasminPlus Expiration Date: 2 years from date of manufacturing.

Brand: Everpride Pharmaceutical Co. Ltd.
Plasmin Plus Thrombolytic, 250mg - 36 Capsules in an aluminum blister pack

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