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Personal side note

Posted Feb 02 2009 10:55pm
Recovery from the exploratory lap is going well. I'm totally off of pain medications, and actually stopped them several days ago. I had my 10 day-ish post op check today. Weight 138 lbs. Healing well. I can return to work in 2 more weeks. Lifting is still reduced for 2 more weeks to under 10 lbs. And believe me - I can barely lift that 10 lb limit. Even pushing myself up is painful, especially if I'm lying on my stomach.

My surgeon said I did have a LOT of adhesions that he had to lyse. He said I had a large amount on the anterior abdominal wall, and loops of bowel were stuck up in the adhesions. He said he did a lot of lysing of the adhesions, so hopefully they will not grow back as bad as they were. He also mentioned that the more you much around inside and touch different areas, the higher the risk of adhesions. So, he told me that he went in, took care of only what was needed, and fixed that one small hernia as well, and got out. Getting it all done laprascopically helps reduce the risk of future adhesions as well.

Itching is better. I don't think it was the percocet. I think it was the op-site dressings. The rashes around two of the incisions were exactly where the dressings were. The third incision was more of a diffuse, not as linear rash. Plus, I did have other areas of itching/rash. But, it's much better now. Percocet may have caused some itching, and some of the rash, but I don't think it was an allergy. Like another commenter had stated: it was more of a side effect. I found out from my surgeon that benzoin and betadine were not used. Instead, they used a chlorhexadine prep. I use that same prep when I scrub in for c/s, with no rashes, so I doubt it was the prep. However, I did have some orangy residue on my skin after not sure if that prep comes in an orange color? In my unit, it's pink colored.

Some time at work, I'll do my own allergy test and use each item on areas of my arm to see which one causes a rash -- if any.
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