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period problem

Posted by WouldntYouLikeToKnow

on the 5 of may i had my smear test done and my period came after that well im not sure if it was my period or due to the smear test well almost a week before my next period i had a slight spottin of pink it only lasted a couple hours then my period was late it came on the 12th of june and only lasted maybe 2 days and this month my period has been 2 weeks late and when i got it i has slight crampin and sore breast nothing out the ordinary tho but before my period came i had those plus felt really tierd and moody and bloated i dont know whats goin on they havent usualy been late or like this what could it be
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I've read your post several times but can't find anything about the use of birth control so I suspect that you aren't taking/using any.  I mention this because slight cramping, sore breasts, feeling really tired, moody & bloated can be due to pregnancy.  


Having said that, you also didn't mention how old you are but your hypothalamic pituitary axis can take several years to mature and give you regular menses.  Of course, stress, weight change, nutrition, drugs, etc can affect the duration & regularity of your periods.  


If you're not pregnant but still tired, you might be anemic.  A simple blood test can confirm or disprove this.  All in all, it's a good idea for you to get evaluated by your family physician. 


One last thought, it's common to spot after your Pap smear since a brush is used to gather cells from your cervix for analysis.  It's the scraping that leads to the spotting.  


Hope this helps.  Good luck! 

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