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Pepsi is already labeling their GMO products, they just don’t know it

Posted Oct 29 2012 8:31am


My husband and I were reading through #FoodDay2012 tweets and they sparked a discussion about GMOs and the Prop 37 vote coming up in California.

I told him that I don’t understand the philosophy behind big brands like Pepsi fighting to keep the label off their products when they’re already making it pretty clear to us which products contain GMOs and which don’t.

As the owner of Naked Juice, Pepsi clearly calls out on every bottle that the product is GMO free. They do this because they fully realize it’s a positive marketing message.  They know people will see that label and feel good about their decision to buy and consumer Naked Juice.  It’s a positive marketing message and they’re using it for it’s ability to drive sales. (Their choice to use the non-GMO label is ironic considering they’ve spent $2,145,400 to convince us we don’t need a label to tell us when a product DOES contain GMOs. – Huffington Post, October 26, 2012)

If you look at a can of Pepsi you won’t find the same Non-GMO call out. Why? It’s my guess that the label isn’t there because there are genetically modified ingredients in the product.  If there weren’t, wouldn’t they call out the positive Non-GMO marketing message like they do with Naked Juice? My 15 years of PR and marketing experience combined with the fact that 80% of packaged foods in the U.S. contain GMOs makes me believe yes.

I fully support Prop 37 and our right to know for sure what’s in our food and what is not. I’m also realizing that these big brands that are spending millions to convince Americans we don’t need to know are just trying to avoid being required to put  what they know is a negative marketing message on their product. In my mind, the absence of the Non-GMO label is the same as the presence of the GMO label.

These  big brands fully recognize the marketing power of the Non-GMO message and label.  If the product could carry the label, I believe it would.

I’m confident that when the time to vote in California comes, consumers will do the right thing and require brands to get honest with us about what’s in our food. In the meantime, if you want to now if there are GMOs in your food just look for the absence or presence of the Non-GMO label. The lack of a label is almost as clear as the presence of one.

If you’d like to learn more about Prop 37 or understand the concerns behind GMOs in our food system check out one of the following:

If you live in California or know anyone who does, please encourage them to get out and vote.  Share these articles and let them know – we have a right to know! Vote yes on 37!

Disclaimer: I am not being paid by CA Right To Know. I’m just a mom who cares about what goes into my family’s body and strongly believes we have a right to know what’s in our food. All opinions are my own.


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