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PCOS Acne Treatment - Your Options to be Acne Free

Posted May 04 2010 1:52am
Acne is one of the many symptoms of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome that is found in many women with this condition. not all women have skin problems with PCOS but it is quite common. Those that do suffer from it may want to discover more about a cure for acne and PCOS because having your face swarming with acne and blemishes is ugly and embarrassing and really hurts your self esteem. However, there are only a few options in my mind that are going to do anything and I am quite bias towards one option as you will see.

Method one - Pharmaceuticals

Ointments, pills, creams and the like made in a laboratory to seek and destroy. These might be helpful in a limited way but they are not enormously helpful and only remove acne for a short amount of time for the most part. Acne caused by PCOS will reappear so this method will not last you very long. Another problem you might see is that some of these drug store cures have harmful side effects to your skin or to your internal systems too.

Method Two - Natural Acne Remedies

Natural remedies may not have the immediate effects that chemically enhanced creams do, but a natural solutions gives you much more long term success and also do not have harmful chemicals. In fact, the holistic approach many natural acne cure programs use are beneficial to stop acne coming back as well by taking action on the internal problems that cause acne in the first place. However, if PCOS is still a problem then these methods will help somewhat but the chances that acne will come back will always remain.

Option Two - Cure Your PCOS

"Yea right" I hear you say, but this is not impossible. PCOS can be reversed and a PCOS acne cure is all a part of the same process. If you want to discover more about a PCOS Natural Treatments click below to get all the information you need to end this condition

PCOS Natural Remedies
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