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Patient request/Nurse request -- coming right up!

Posted Mar 29 2011 11:20am
It's not that often where I request a specific patient assignment -- usually because I've had the woman before, or I am wanting to take the person who is having natural childbirth. Well, I recently had an awesome, super funny patient under my care. She and her husband were absolutely hysterical! We really hit it off so well. Unfortunately, she was only in with us for a few hours, and was discharged home. I told her my schedule for the next few days, with the hopes that she would be coming back in, in labor, and I would take care of her again.

She didn't come in :-(

Flash forward another week - guess whose name shows up on the assignment board on L&D? Yeppers! That amazing woman! I request that I take her when she comes in (I was busy with another patient, but she was almost finished in her care). The fantastic interactive nurse-patient relationship must have really happened on both ends, because lo and behold, this lady asked if I was working and wanted me to take care of her!

So awesome!!

Anyhow, it was so good to see her and her husband again. I did my usual nursing stuff of admission - she was in labor for sure! - consents, room set up, got her an epidural at her request and got her nice and comfy.

Bing bang boom! The baby was born :-) A very wonderful birth. It was such a pleasure to be there when this family grew in size by one more child.

The time spent with this family really helped energize my spirit.
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