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Pain in right ovary area. Never the left. I know it is not ovulation. Please see Details before for full questions! Help!

Posted by RAVENB


I am having pain in my right ovary area (never my left) every month. The pain radiates down into my right groin area. It is not dependent upon ovulation in that it starts after my period and stays until my next period consistantly.  I have been checked by my ob/gyn for a hernia. (it was a negative) I had a c-section 5 years ago and then had to have a DNC about 2 years ago. This pain didn't start until after my DNC. It feels as if when my stool is moving down like my intestines are pushing against something and making it hurt. Also, if I cough and do not brace myself it will pull hard on that side and hurt. (again only on my right side) I do have pain in my right side intestines as I have IBS. Do you have any recommendations?




Female/28/ one child- 5 years/c section, DNC 2 years ago for bliated ovum.

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