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Ovary feels like on Fire ...what is going on ?

Posted by Chuckles

I have one ovary .. 1st one taken in 2005,. Hysterectomy in 97 .. I strongly believe because of the symptoms and pain it is my 2nd ovary .... does this sound similar to pains .. I am on 3 pain pills right now . and still hurting... c.
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How do you know it's your ovary that's on fire?  Appendicitis & diverticulitis can both be painful (the former on the right and the latter on the left).  So can adhesions and small bowel obstructions (both are known complications from abdominopelvic surgeries).  Back to your remaining ovary - cysts & torsion can also cause pain.  Don't forget the Fallopian tubes, which might have been left behind, as a source of pain.  Not sure if your 3 pain pills are over-the-counter but anyone requiring that much pain medication needs to be evaluated by his/her family physician.  Good luck!
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