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Other half said he gets a burning feeling after being inside me?

Posted by unibear

My boyfriend is the only one i have been with to start off. He mentioned the other night after some foreplay ( fingers ) that he got a burning feeling to his hand. I asked if this has ever happened before, His reply was yes. He said he has felt it off and on since when have started to be physical, weither we have sex or he fingers. He has been tested for std's, uti's. I do not feel any pain with it other than my tilted pelvis which causes some discomfort. He decribe the pain as more of a slight chemical burning vs a heat burn. are there any ideas as to what this can be. I have seen my doctor and had a normal pap with in the year.
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Take a look at his fingers & hands and look for minor cuts that might be irritated by your vaginal secretions.  Assuming no open wounds, then see if he gets this burning feeling by pretending to manipulate you but without actually doing so.  He'll need to do this in the same position for the same period of time that he typically performs.  The idea is to see if this is a mechanical issue due to the position of his fingers, hands, wrist, elbow, shoulder, etc whereby a nerve might be irritated.  If so, he might actually have carpal tunnel syndrome or some similar repetitive motion injury.  The solution is to stop doing what causes the discomfort.  Wearing a splint sometimes helps.  Injections would be the next step and then finally surgery as a last resort.  Good luck!
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