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Original Faith: What Your Life Is Trying to Tell You

Posted Oct 14 2009 12:00am


Paul Martin author of Original Faith: What Your Life Is Trying to Tell You has written a guest post for my blog.   As pre-winter winds blow and the sky turns gray, this very timely piece reminds us how important it is to look inward, find our deeper self and bring real meaning to our life.  While on a two-hour hike through the forest and on the shore of Lake Michigan yesterday, my creativity was flowing, like water through a faucet, and I made a vow to shift from 'exercising'  to 'create-ercising'. I was pleased to find that Paul refers to this in his post as receptive and creative capacity as noted by William Wordsworth.  Who knew?

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Paul M. Martin writes with exceptional clarity about spiritual matters. His depth and breadth of first-hand experience allows him to speak compellingly to people across a wide range of perspectives on religion and spirituality.

Do You Stop to Ask Directions?

By Paul M. Martin

Goal setting, prioritizing, making choices, lists, decisions… these sorts of conscious and controlling mental processes are indispensable for our lives at home, school, and on the job. But we can end up feeling scattered and distracted – and even that we might be losing our way – when we don’t also make time for listening to ourselves.

The poet William Wordsworth referred to this receptive and creative capacity as “wise passiveness,” citing it as the frame of mind that allowed him to write poetry. But it’s something that all of us experience from time to time, and we can take steps to make it a regular part of our lives.

To begin with, notice how often your best ideas spring to mind unexpectedly – while out taking a walk, showering, on a long drive, or after you’ve gotten into bed before falling asleep. Although such experiences are spontaneous, it’s easy to do things to foster more of them. Some examples:

·         Walking

·         Jogging

·         Biking

·         Gardening

·         Arts & crafts

·         Meditation

·         “Medipration” – my mom’s term for a half hour of quiet, reflective time that she’d make for herself in the morning. She’d sit at the kitchen table before anyone else was up to sip coffee, look out the window, and be alone with her thoughts, sometimes with a little soft music in the background.

There are many possible activities to choose from. It’s a matter of finding something that engages your mind in a relaxing way that leaves your mind mostly to itself.

To set goals and make priorities that really make sense for us means keeping in touch with our deeper selves as a continual source of inspiration and insight. It’s finally a matter of being willing to receive as well as give direction for our lives.

Paul Martin has master’s degrees in counseling and religious studies and is author of Original Faith: What Your Life Is Trying to Tell You. Please visit for more information on book and author and for Paul’s free eBook, Original Faith: Hard Times Handbook.

photo: chris wucherer

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