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Oops! Medical Study On New Natural Way To Take Back Bladder Control

Posted Mar 28 2010 1:29am
Eliminate the "oops" and take back bladder control with free, non-drug, non-surgical treatment via a brand new clinical trial! Here's what you need to know.

By Colette Bouchez

  • Do you avoid watching romantic comedies because you leak every time you laugh - or sneeze, or cough?
  • Are you tired of starting a jog and then running all the way back home because you've "stained' those new sweat pants - again.
  • And are you using the word "oops" in a sentence more times then you ever dreamed you would?
If so, then you may be one of 20 million women - YES, 20 MILLION - who suffer from serious bladder control issues, with estimates that another 20 million are dealing with the daily "oops" of light bladder leakage.

Now if you catch yourself saying "Well, yeah, but the oops are just a part of gettin' old", hold on! It's important to know that "leaking" is not a natural part of the aging process. While that drop in estrogen associated with "the change" can make leaks, drips and dribbles occur more easily, the mid-life path is definitely not automatically strewn with sprinkles!

What's more, you don't even have to be in your "middle years" to experience leakage issues. Indeed, experts say that many women in their 30's and early 40's are affected as well, particularly if you have given birth to several children.

While there are a number of medications - and even some surgeries - that can help you regain bladder control, I'm happy to tell you about a brand new nationwide National Institutes of Health clinical trial for a drug-free and surgery -free way of taking the "oops" out of your vocabulary! And it's a way for you to get help - for free!

Drug-Free Bladder Control : The Latest News
The new clinical trial centers around a device known as the Athena Pelvic Muscle Trainer. A small, tampon-shaped wireless device, (think lipstick-tube size) the Athena is gently inserted inside the body, where it gives off a mild electrical pulse designed to mimic the muscle activity of a Kegel exercise. This is the "squeezing" motion that contracts the muscles which control the bladder. Over time it is believed the Kegel exercise makes bladder muscles stronger - and thus better able to control those leaks and drips.
Unfortunately. however, many women don't do the exercise right - or vigorously enough - to get the desire result. And here's where Athena might make a difference. Once inserted in the body you use a tiny remote control device to start the unit, which then uses a perfectly timed pulsating action to give you up to 15 minutes of the "tightening -releasing" muscle contractions that constitute the "perfect Kegel". At the end of each session you remove the device, wash it, and put it away for the next use.
Equipped with various adjustable settings the Athena unit is designed to treat stress incontinence ( when stress on the bladder from sneeze or cough causes an "oops" ) as well as urge incontinence ( where you just can't stop feeling like you have to pee! ), or a combination of both.

Clinical Trial - Free Treatment!
Although the Athena Muscle Pelvic Stimulator is only available via prescription from your doctor, if you're interested in giving it a try for free the company, in conjunction with The National Association of Nurse Practitioners in Health, is conducting a nationwide clinical trial. Sanctioned by the National Institutes of Health, it is being conducted at leading medical facilities around the country - and the enrollment is still open. You'll get a free diagnosis of your problem, top of the line care, and a chance to try this amazing little device for free - all while saying "bah bye" to leaks, dribbles, drips and a mountain of pads!

For more information on where to find a clinical trial site in your area, see the box on the top left - or click here.

Remember in three women share your problem, so don't be shy!

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Copyright by Colette Bouchez 2010 - All Rights Reserved.
In addition to US Copyright, the text of this RedDressDiary article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 License. All formatting and style elements of this page are not available under this license, and Colette Bouchez retains all rights in those elements.

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