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One Week to Go! [Whew!]

Posted May 07 2012 3:34pm

One week from today, God willin' and the creek don't rise, we'll be holding our bouncing baby boy in our arms.  I've been on bedrest for 11 weeks now, and it's been just about as tough as I had always thought bedrest might be.  It amazes me how full and busy my days are, perhaps even more so since I can't just get up and deal with it.  So we're both amazed nd relieved to be rounding out this pregnancy.

It's borderline ridiculous that we made it this far.  The odds were certainly against us and we couldn't be more pleased that Baby Boy is healthy, BIG, and will be a few days into the "full term" category when we deliver.  I'm also trying to savor the last days of this pregnancy.  In all likelihood, it will be our last.  We had entertained the notion of another, but the high risks of this pregnancy have me feeling much more secure in the notion of this being the last.  We're not certain, and we're not taking any permanent measures yet.  We want time for the dust to settle from all of this and to get to a much smoother family routine before we make that call.

Still, as anyone who's ever been this pregnant knows, the last weeks are tough - no matter how badly you've wanted to arrive at the end destination.

Baby Boy "dropped" when I went into labor at 26 weeks, and they don't exactly crawl back up outta there once they've done that.  Measuring on the big side this whole time, He's gotten bigger and bigger and my pelvis isn't as appreciative of that fact as my lungs are.  The hip pain, incredible karate kicks, cervical assaults, and an increase in serious feeling contractions has made it hard to feel the "glow".

Still, having an end that's very much in sight makes a huge difference.  I cannot imagine how I'd keep going another four weeks.  My short torso is done. Out of space. And a very unwilling participant at this point.

Come Monday morning, we're hoping for a smooth early morning c-section with all of the preparations we've used in the past for a potential accreta.  So far, ultrasound hasn't shown a placental issue, but we have seen more placental "lakes" on the last scan (which can be a sign), and since neither the increta or accreta from my past two pregnancies were visualized online, it's not safe or recommended to assume we're in the clear.

My OB and everyone on her staff have been amazing.  My new MFA has been equally impressive, and the hospital now has top-of-line care, protocol, and capabilities when it comes to handling maternal hemmorhage.  I feel well cared for.

My parents will come to town the day before to take care of the girls, who will all be nursery-side when he's delivered on Monday.  All three are over the moon with excitement about the new arrival and we're looking forward to parenting with a true partner and three kids who are old enough to wrap their heads around this, be genuinely helpful, and verbally express themselves whenever needed.

There's still a level of stress in our lives that really isn't quite fair.  But we're dealing with it all bit by bit and looking forward to the day when that isn't the case and we can focus all of our attention where life most deserves it.

In the meantime, we're reveling in the love and support we have now, and looking foward to bringing you the good news of Baby Boy's arrival!

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