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one day menstruation after marriage- im fertile or not?

Posted by holi


I m recently married months ago

i got disturbance in 1st medstrual cycle after marriage,it was only one day and half then in mid cycle i got gush of fresh blood at once then i recieved ttt to push blood out of uterus as my dr said so no possible pregnancy could happen in next cycle and it was normal and also the next cycle ,my husband was away so the next cycle was normal (on time,3 days and half " then the latest cycle is one day and half also then stopped then after 2 days ,there was blood but not gush ,just like 2 drops fresh blood,guide me plz about possible ,will there be risk of infertility?

last dates of cycles


i was following the ovulation calender in the past cycle and in the first cycle which i had one day menstruation after them  

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I'm sorry but I couldn't really understand what you're trying to say regarding "no possible pregnancy".  Your menstrual cycle is affected by a number of different factors, mainly hormones that can be affected by stress, weight, etc.  I doubt that you're infertile based upon just a few months of irregular menses.  Clinically speaking, we don't worry about fertility until a couple has regularly tried to conceive but without success for at least 12 months.  In fact, as long as you're menstruating regularly (with the occasional hiccup), chances are pretty good that your hormones are in sync and you're not infertile.  If there's any concern, please go see your family physician for further clarification of your statements above.
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