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Occasional pus cells and epthilial cells in urine report

Posted by Seema

I had my blood and urine test done yesturday.

My Urine report show following result:

Microscopic examination:

Pus cells : Occasional

RBC's :Absent

Epithelial Cells : Occasinal

Crstal,Cast, Others : Absent.

Haemogram Report:

Preipheral Smear Result:

RBC's : Normocytic Normochromic

WBC's: Mild Leucocytosis

Platelet Count : 391000 / cmm

MPV : 10 


I want to know why there are pus cells in my urine and what is the cause and precautions I should take. 

Reply asap.




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First, don't worry and You should see the Urologist or contact the Doctor at email address for further advise or consultation
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