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NYS Crime Victims Board Denies Compensation for Domestic Violence Victim

Posted Nov 23 2009 10:03pm

After one full year of fulfilling CVB requests, and coercing my doctors to fulfill their endless requests, CVB has denied my claim for compensation and has turned away another domestic violence victim do to inaccurate medical reports.

This is an Amended Decision.

The Board received medical records from St. Lukes for 10/25/07 and office notes from Orange Physical Therapy for 10/26/07 which has determined that the claimant's neck pain is not casually related to the crime injury. Pursuant to the recommendation of that report it is the determination of the Board that the Board will not reimburse for any neck/back related treatment.

Jacqueline Mattina
Board Member

I have spent one year struggling to get my doctors to send in itemized bills, explanations of benefits, and I was encouraged by my local shelter and CVB members to keep submitting bills for my injuries. As a result, I have been seeing doctors I can't afford to see and spending money I can't afford to spend on an injury that I didn't have before I was battered. Obviously my husband did not do a good enough job beating me in the head. A brutal assault and neck restraint and a large object thrown into my head and face did not convince this state program that my neck and back injuries were caused by severe abuse, even after they accepted my claim for my broken leg. Rather, CVB relies on inaccurate medical records to make their final decision. I will say it again, CVB needs a specialized DV unit, people that are experienced in domestic violence, handling claims for these cases. There are many, many women that get denied every year across the country by State Victims Compensation Programs because the representatives dealing with the claims need perfect paperwork, perfect medical records, and perfect police reports. This program fails to see that women involved in domestic violence crimes often do NOT have accurate documents due to the fact that they are too afraid to report the abuse, and due to fear of retaliation. Crime Victims Board, I will appeal this decision and I am not going anywhere until someone with domestic abuse experience and understanding gives me a better answer than the one above. When will the state realize that victims of domestic violence are being turned away at every end, even by those who claim to be the payers of last resort.
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