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Now, if the federal government really wants to do something useful!

Posted Apr 21 2010 4:44am
I for one do not think we need another government agency. I worked for the federal government for 35 years and know first hand another agency is not something this country needs. Some things the government needs to stay out of and people need to be responsible for themselves, not expect the government to take care of things. I think they have proven that is not the best route.

But you know, what I do think is the government could make themselves useful and outlaw some things that are just not right. Like for instance, all the different shades of black, navy etc there are in the fashion world. Is that not an injustice! Sometimes shopping to match something you would think as simple as navy pants or a jacket can be a nightmare. And at some point in your quest you may have to concede and acknowledge you will never find a match. Now there's something the government could put their teeth in!!! Help us most unfortunate when it comes to something like this. Plus from a GREEN standpoint, it would save a lot of time and energy!

I was recently shopping for some items to decorate my newest derby hat and realized how many different shades of hot pink there are! I love all the derby hats and enjoy decorating my hat myself. But while shopping yesterday I found myself wishing I had brought along the main flower I was using for the hat. I began doubting myself as to what shade of pink it was!!! We should not have to endure such hardships! Where is the government when you need them, what are they doing about this!

As many of you know, I love to put a different twist on things, my mind works in very strange ways. Just like my description on what " torture " really is. If you have not read that blog you should, it is time to shop for swim suits and that blog says it all.

Many probably thought, o.k., now Diane is going to really get political here. Sorry, just had a thought and went with it. Have a great day, looks at things differently today, and smile, laugh, it sure makes things better and may turn your day around.
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