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No more foot rests for pelvic exams

Posted Dec 12 2012 10:02pm
For a while, I was having women use the foot rests (foot stirrups) at the end of the exam table for pelvic exams.  I did it this way, because this is how my primary preceptor has done it.

Well, I have stopped doing it that.  And you know what?  I can find the cervix and do the pelvic/speculum exam just as well without the foot rests/foot pedals.


Simply pulling out the bottom portion of the exam table, helping the woman rest her feet on the left and right sides that bottom portion, sliding down to the edge, and proceeding with the speculum exam.  No frog leg positioning.  Just gentle separation of the knees.  I also have been gaining more experience with speculum exams and finding that elusive cervix as well, which makes the exam much, much quicker and easier on the woman!

Several times, I have had a woman say to me, after I remove the speculum, "that's it?"

Yep, that's it.

Guess that's why I'm called...........drumroll..........AtYourCervix.
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