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New York 2

Posted Aug 19 2009 6:32pm
Despite my lack of a creative title, Wednesday was my second physical therapy session in NYC. A couple things I want to point out (in list form):

-This time I really worked on being less stressed by getting plenty of sleep, listening to good music while I got ready, and giving myself ample time to get to the train station. It was a much better experience and I think relaxing is more effective than some think.

-We did the same therapy, but surprisingly, I was in more pain on my right side this time. Stacey thinks it's because she spent so much time on my left side last visit. So now we're trying to accommodate both sides.

-The worst place for me seems to be the tissue right underneath my leg. I don't have a good medical explanation, but I would describe it as the part of the butt cheek that connects closest to the vagina. That's always the part where I am most sore and where I begin to tear during therapy.

-We spent more time working on breathing. A good exercise is to lie flat on your bed. Take a deep breath in, and then as you exhale, tighten up your pelvic muscles. Release them as you breath in again. This is the opposite of what we normally do, so at first it's like patting your stomach and rubbing your head. But your pelvic floor does naturally release when you inhale, which is pretty interesting.

-I was given exercises to do after this session, which I am going to continue to refer to as my "vagina homework." I now have an extra small dilator that is a weird hybrid between a candlestick and tampon. I have given it two sweet names to try and lighten the situation- Everest and Excalibur. I feel like a human name would be weird; at least I can get in the mindset of overcoming these two inanimate things. I have to use insert Everest once a day and lie on my back for 20-30 minutes. The point is to try and get my muscles to relax because they are tightening up now even before something comes close to touching them. I see it as the same idea as being ticklish. You don't even have to tickle the person for them to squirm.

-The only thing that really makes me bitter is the lubricant I had to buy from the physical therapy office. It's so cleverly called "Slippery Stuff"- bonus points to whatever genius came up with that name. On the very front of the tube, it says "Heightens the pleasure of loving intimacy. Silky, safe, and long-lasting." Then on the back is says, "Slippery Stuff enhances the pleasure of human contact." I have used it three times now and I think I'm going to complain and send it back because I certainly haven't experienced any pleasure with it. It must be a faulty tube.

-I was in a private blues lesson on Thursday and found out my pelvic muscles and frame naturally sink back (most women tend to lean forwards.) This has caused me to by hyper-sensitive in my lower back. There's a couple of yoga positions I can do to work on relaxing my lower back. It seems like dancing can also work as physical therapy. In that case, I'm going to work on calling my insurance company and having them cover private lessons and dance exchanges.
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