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New Winter Wellness and Weight Loss Program Announced!

Posted Nov 28 2009 12:00am

The holidays are drawing near, and we’re in the middle of a cold and flu season that has many people worried. The good news: you can protect your health, feel great NOW and actually feel BETTER as the year ends! autumn-cornucopia-2

I know not everyone wants to totally change her body and lifestyle. Many of you would be thrilled to lose 15 pounds, and others, well, you’re ready to fully step onto a new path and revamp every aspect of your life.

Working with me over the next 12 weeks, wherever you are is where you are met. The intention of this program is progress and implementation, not perfection and comparing ourselves to others (which always feels bad).

This unique Women’s Winter Wellness and Weight Loss program is about removing the negative and adding positive steps that help you live a healthy life. It’s a bridge that leads to rejuvenation and restoration and launches you fully into total wellness.

Too Many Talented, Driven Women are Suffering 
from the Harmful Effects of the Standard American Diet

I’ve seen it, time and again. Focused, brilliant women like you get held back from living an authentic life because of the very thing meant to fuel your days: food.

It’s not your fault – it’s pretty much engrained in our culture to eat a diet high in sugar and refined products and chemical-laden food. But that doesn’t mean there isn’t a way out. In fact, there are many healthful, TASTY, wholesome foods available to you – if you know where to look.

That’s why I created my signature 12 Week Winter Wellness and Weight Loss Program based on my books, The Great American Detox Diet and Living Vegan for Dummies!

Go here to learn more about the Women’s Winter Wellness and Weight Loss Program:

How do I know it works? Because I’ve been there myself.

I’ve suffered through my own cycles of seasonal depression, sugar addiction and stress-induced holiday meltdowns. I once barely had enough energy to get through my days, much less pursue my greater goals in life.

Fortunately, I was able to combat my low energy (and the accompanying depression and fatigue) by adopting an easy diet of wholesome, hearty foods.

* When you sign up for the 12-Week Winter Wellness and Weight Loss Program, I’ll walk you through the steps that worked for me – and have since worked for countless others. The vital curriculum you’ll follow is made up of targeted advice that will steadily lead you toward a balanced, vibrant life.

Click here to talk with Alex for 15 minutes in person about this program …

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