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New Study shows that we are all just guinea pigs in one big medical experiment!

Posted Dec 16 2008 6:40pm
This new study here

proves beyond a shadow of a doubt that taking hormones for over 5 years doubles your risk of breast cancer.

Sad news for those women who trusted their doctor to provide them with safe and effective relief of menopausal symptoms.

I'm previously talked about the link between breast cancer and Vitamin D deficiency. Vitamin D deficiency being an a yet to be recognized serious health epidemic- also brought about by the medical community's recommendations to avoid the sun without replacing the essential vitamin that we get from the sun.

We, who rely on our doctors to give us the best advice are really just guinea pigs in a great experiment.

These same doctors claim to only recommend medical treatments based on evidence- yet there is, nor was there ever 'evidence' that hormonal replacement therapy was safe. And neither is there evidence that avoiding the sun is safer than conscious moderate exposure.

That is little consolation for the women here in Marin County, California- just on the northern side of the Golden Gate Bridge from San Francisco.

With one of the highest breast cancer rates in the country, it has long been a conundrum as to why this is. With Marin County's affluence, the vast majority of these women have excellent health insurance, exercise reasonably and eat right.

In fact, at the yoga studio that I used to belong to, no less than THREE yoga instructors there were fighting breast cancer!!

So, while this study doesn't conclusively point to how the breast cancer epidemic began and how it can be conquered, it does tell us one thing...

That our doctors don't know much more than we do.

If there is one thing that I have learned in the 14 years that I have been involved in Western Medicine, it is that you must think critically before accepting ANY treatment that your doctor recommends for you.

YOU are the only one that can be responsible for your health- don't give up that power to anyone.... not even your doctor.

Feeling saddened,
Kerri Knox, RN
Functional Medicine Practitioner
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