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New Food Process Aids Diabetics By Removing Sugar Increasing Flavor

Posted May 05 2009 6:02pm
A new way of naturally reducing sugars while enhancing flavors in fruit and vegetable juices offersthose with type 1 and type 2 diabetes a way to gain the benefits of phytonutrients without losing sugar control. - Colette Bouchez

You almost can't page through a magazine or flip open your laptop without seeing some new study on the health benefits of replacing soda or even heavily caffeinated drinks with the healthful benefits of fruit and vegetable juices.

But if you're one of the millions of folks dealing with type 2 diabetes or the precursor condition known as insulin resistance, then you also know that many fruit and vegetable juices are off- limits due to an exceedingly high sugar content.

Now, a group of Chinese scientists from Jilin University in Changchun, China have unveiled a brand new way of producing these juices that removes the sugar – but keeps and even enhances the natural flavor, nutrients and vitamin content in every gulp!

“ Our process significantly removes the sugar but retains the nutritional contentof the juices raw materials,” says co-developer Xiuqi Liu , speaking earlier this week before the National Meeting of the American Chemical Society in Salt Lake City where the new system was revealed.

As Liu explains, the new filtering process employs a natural compound known as lactic acid to create a type of fermentation that dramatically reduces the sugar content of these juices, but keeps everything else – including the flavor - in tact.

The system works, he says, by changing carbohydrates into lactic acid, a process which naturally reduces the sugar content.

The specific types of lactic acid bacteria used to ferment the juices was L acidophilusand L plantarum, cultures commonly found in yogurt . The researchers claim these produced the best results, with juices holding up for at least 4 weeks after being processed.

Moreover, the scientists says the process also enhances the flavors of each juice – making them not only healthier, but also tastier.

Perhaps best of all, the process isn't expensive and doesn't require the addition of any special processing equipment – meaning that almost any juice manufacturer can take advantage of the new system to produce a healthier health food!

And indeed, the new system is expected to be in place and in full use by a number of key industry leaders within about a year.

Get The Health Benefits Right Now

In the meantime, however, you can gain nearly all the benefits of fruit juices – with less impact on blood sugar – by simply eating the whole fruit or vegetable. So, for example, instead of starting your day by pouring a glass of OJ, begin it by eating an orange. Instead of downing a glass of grape or apple juice with lunch, try a handful of grapes or munch on an apple.

Of course you won't get the concentrated power punch found in a glass of juice. But you will be taking in less sugar – plus you'll gain additional benefits from the fiber and other natural compounds found in the whole fruit. Moreover, many of these same compounds slow down the absorption of sugars into your bloodstream, so it won't be necessary for your body to produce as much insulin. And that can not only help control your blood sugar, but also your weight.

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