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Never be overweight! (With your luggage)

Posted Jun 01 2009 5:40pm
I bet you thought this was a blog about weight loss. Wrong. It is about travel and never being over weight with your luggage. Not only do I worry about my luggage being overweight when I leave on a trip, I almost always worry about that issue on the way home!

I travel quite a bit for my job. In fact, this past couple years I have traveled an average of 2 weeks a month. I take the expert traveler lane in the airports. Hey, I think I earned it.

If you are like me, a woman who loves clothes, when you pack you have to be very strategic. I love clothes, but have to plan when traveling. Typically what I do, is I stick with the same color theme on a business trip. In other words, all blacks or brown tones that way I pack fewer shoes, can mix and match more, etc. But the business travel is not my major concern about weight. My vacation travel is typically more of a concern.

We actually made this discovery when our daughter spent last semester in Berlin, Germany. Packing for an entire semester was quite a challenge. She found something, however, that was a great help in getting all she needed over to Germany, and staying within the 50lbs limit on luggage. She also found that it came in very helpful when she was off for a weekend to another country and only wanted to carry one small bag, but wanted to make sure she had enough clothes.

That discovery? The Space Bag! No, not the ones you probably have seen on TV where you need a vacuum to suck out the air. It is the same manufacturer, but they actually have space bags for travelers. In other words, you don't need anything to suck out the air. You just pack your clothes in the bag and roll out the air! I was recently worrying about packing for an upcoming trip and realized those space bags could really come in handy for any type trip.

In fact, I now keep a large and medium size Space Bag in my suit case on all my travel. It takes the stress out of the possibility that I may have more to bring back home than what I I started the trip with. Being a former Girl Scout Leader, I like to think I am always PREPARED!

We are planning a trip over to Bimini, Bahamas, for a long weekend and then on to Marco Island for a stay in a condo. The first leg of our trip will be over to the island of Bimini by boat and very casual. In fact, our Captain mentioned when his wife and I were trying to made the decision whether to fly over or ride the boat over that we were bringing a lot of weight! Hey wait just one minute buddy! He quickly pointed out he meant our luggage. He said we had to pack light. In fact, we are leaving our other suitcases for the second week back in Florida.

And to add more stress to this packing issue, the couple we are traveling with said the other night that they were just taking a few items. In fact Carolyn said she was just taking a couple swim suits, shorts and some t-shirts. Before I could get too upset, or start to hyperventilate, she did add she was taking a sundress. Ah, I felt I could relax a little. I need some "cute" items to take along! Also, I have agreed to take a very small bag for the trip to Bimini, but I want to be prepared.

While thinking about these packing challenges the other night I remembered the SPACE BAGS! I have confidence these will help solve my worries. And no one will be the wiser! I will be there on deck with my small bag, with more stuff than they will realize because of my space bags.

Carolyn and I were discussing the Space Bags the other day. Her daughter is taking a trip to New Zealand this summer and needs to pack light. She made the comment, that the Space Bags are just as valuable to have if not for the trip over but for the Trip Home! Translation - she likes to shop too! Thank you Lord, I knew I liked her, this trip is going to be so much fun!!! I will be able to take the clothes I think I will need to be comfortable and still have a small bag like the others on the trip!

Check them out, the Space Bag, it really does save space and weight in your luggage. I have found some at WalMart recently. Probably other large department stores carry them. Or you can purchase online. Hmmmm, wonder if they have anything that works on shoes!
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