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Natural Remedies According To Various Types Of Nausea

Posted Apr 23 2013 4:01am
A natural remedy for each of the causes that lead to nausea, but also the care that always work!


The first step to finding the right natural remedy for nausea is to understand its cause: in fact, only by understanding why there is this nagging feeling you can find something that really works. The nausea may be due to a  gastroesophageal reflux disease, food intolerances or even to food poisoning, a stomach ache for overeating, as well as  stress and anxiety, or to coincide with the cycle or during pregnancy, or, especially if persistent, to more serious medical conditions, whose situation should be absolutely thorough.


  Many women start having nausea even before they notice they have had a menstrual period

Natural remedies for nausea stomach pain

Among the most common and obvious causes there is nausea from stomach pain, and in this case you can't digest food, possibly heavy or in excessive amounts, or that you are intolerant.


An excellent natural remedy for nausea in such a case is to boil the water together with the peel and juice of a lemon.


Natural remedies for nausea from flu

The nausea is a very common symptom even in the case of influenza, in this case a good antidote consists in being fasted for at least two hours and remain at rest, then starting again to feed in a more lightweight as possible (typically in white), drinking often water.


Natural remedies for nausea from the cycle

In case of nausea from the cycle turns out to be very useful, but also magnesium infusions of Chamomile, passion flower, valerian and lemon balm help relax the abdomen, while the fennel reduces puffiness that accompanies the cycle. Other natural and simple remedies against nausea from cycle is essential oil massages on her stomach and kidneys!


If you do not know the real cause of your nausea

In some cases, you need a cure (natural!) to act quickly: a  herbal tea  with peel and juice leno goes well in any case, perhaps accompanied by a bay leaf that helps to relax the abdominal muscles, even the decoction of mint or lemon balm have the same function.


Finally there is an ally that, among its numerous properties, it is also a good natural remedy for nausea: This is Ginger! It plays in fact an action anti-nausea in the stomach and is also used against vomiting of any origin, but be careful to assume pregnant!


Prepare a herbal tea with ginger root in boiling water for 10 minutes, filtered and finally drink the hot infusion.

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