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Nashville conference --- how-DEEEEEEE!!!

Posted Jun 10 2013 12:19pm
I had an absolute blast in Nashville for the ACNM conference!  I had my list of which seminars I wanted to attend -- adjusted it as necessary for adding some downtime that was much needed.

We hit Margaritaville --- twice!!  Great place to eat, drink, and spent time with old and new friends.  Oh, and shop.

We also went to Loveless Cafe for breakfast.  Several times.  Yummmm, biscuits and sausage gravy.  :-)  I could seriously eat that every day.  More shopping at the little cafe shops at Loveless.  Yes, I did buy some edibles!  Biscuit mix, preserves, peach BBQ seasoning, just to name a few.  I think I'm going to need to go online and buy some more (especially the cajun bacon -- heaven!!).

I did some window shopping for authentic cowboy/girl boots, but decided the pricetag was just too high for me.  $300-500 for boots?  No thanks!  I'll stick to my sandals.

Live music!!  All along the live music venue (about a two block area) in downtown Nashville, you hear live music playing from all of the cafes, bars, etc.  Tour buses for country music singers were a nightly occurrence along that stretch of bars/restaurants.  Don't ask me who these singers were though.  A country music fan, I am not.  But all in all, a great time.  I wish I could have stayed another week or so to just be a tourist!

We had a scheduled bus tour of The Farm as well.  I really wish they had planned for more time at The Farm.  It felt so rushed to hurry-hurry-hurry and see the prenatal clinic, a birth cabin, and shop at the Farm Store.  Back to the bus, we have to leave :-(  Boohoo!  I did get to meet and talk to Ina May.  I could totally see myself having an extended stay at The Farm.  (Side note: yes, they do have modern plumbing and electricity!)  There are currently about 150-200 people who reside at The Farm.

I stayed in a lovely rental property for the week with quite a few other Frontier gals.  I ::heart:: my Frontier sisters!  I would definitely recommend renting a large house and splitting the cost of the house, versus staying in a hotel.  Without a doubt this was the best way to stay in Nashville!
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