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my wife is pregnant 1st trimester. my 3 yr old boy is having hand foot mouth disease. should we abort or continue pregnancy.

Posted by drunniukg

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Consider getting a second opinion from a high risk OB doctor.

USUALLY the mother has been exposed to a virus/viruses that cause(s) HFMD during her lifetime and she has antibodies to that virus. Those antibodies should protect her and the fetus from that virus.

Some basic info. first:

HFMD (hand foot and mouth disease) is caused by a few serotypes of enteroviruses, most frequently  coxsackie virus A16 (CAV16) and  

human enterovirus 71 (HEV71).


Other viruses associated with the syndrome are coxsackie virus A (CAV) 4, 5, 9, and 10 and coxsackie virus B (CBV) 2 and 5 ( 1).


Note there is more than one type of virus that can cause HFMD!

 Complications from hand-foot-and-mouth disease rarely occur, but they may include pneumonia, inflammation of the heart or brain, or miscarriage in pregnant women who become infected. 

Hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) is a human syndrome caused by *intestinal* viruses of the Picornaviridae family.

(Repeated infections are attributed to  another/ a different viral tigger  - 2 main ones and the others are listed above.)  Note... 
  • Everyone who has not already been infected with an enterovirus that causes HFMD is at risk of infection, but not everyone who is infected with an enterovirus becomes ill with HFMD. (CDC info.)
  • So theoretically, your wife could be infected, not ill, and  pass it along - vertical transmission - to the fetus. Like with measles, exposure in the first trimester is a real danger.

     Step #1 - test infected child to find out WHICH virus is present. 
  • "Samples from the throat or stool may be sent to a laboratory to test for virus and to find out which enterovirus caused the illness. However, it can take 2–4 weeks to obtain test results, so health care providers usually do not order tests."(CDC info.)
  • Step #2 - wife tested also - does she have it and no symptoms?

    Here are some links to help:

    Good luck. God Bless. I understand...

    Exposure to (oral symptoms) HFMD infected child during mom's 1st trimester ( no HFMD symptoms - mom).

    At 19 weeks gestation mom's US showed fetal lateral ventricals large, cerebellum too small (5 weeks slower growth than normal ) and doc said "bowel marker" concern. Amnio. testing...awaiting results. C.Palsy  is a real concern!  Had just begun progesterone shots to delay early L&D (hx).

    Many viruses need histamine to "happen" to invade. In other words, our RESPONSE helps PROMOTE the infection. The "magical mouthwash" for oral (blisters) HFMD is Children's liquid Benadryl and Maalox swished and spit every 4 hours.

    Histamine receptor blockers - H1 and H2.

    Women who have genetically higher levels of histamine (long fingers, seasonal allergies, constipation, 2nd toe longer than first), may have an increased risk due to an inability to mount an appropriate immune response against some pathogens - Th2 cytokines are dominant in patients with allergies.

    To rid some pathogens, we need a Th1 response.

    For the N/V of pregnancy, years ago, docs gave Bendectin. It is a histamine receptor (H1) blocker (so is Benadryl) and it contained also vitamin B6. When it was erroneously pulled from the market (research it), the number of premature babies DOUBLED. A similar Rx is still available in other countries under a different name. Only the H1 blockers cross the BBB...blood brain barrier. Those typically make us sleepy. A B6 DEFICIENCY also makes us sleepy.

    While we need histamine, too much can be toxic to a fetus which is why in pregnancy, levels of an enzyme called DAO go up 500 fold.

    idiot- you probably should abort since any child raised by someone stupid enough to even consider abortion just because of this virus shouldn't have kids and carry on the idiot gene
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