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My white blood count in 2008 was a 6.4 and this June it is a 5.0. Should I be concerned it has dropped?

Posted by faith

I recently got back my yearly CBC blood results and I noticed the following contrast between my CBC in May 2008 and June 2009:

May, 2008 WBC-6.4 range 4.0-10.5 and June,2009 5.0 range 4.0-10.5.

My hemoglobin in May 2008 was 12.1 and in June 2009 11.7.  I am currently taking iron pills perscribed by the doctor.  I am a 42 year old female with some heavy menstruating and I do not eat red meat or many green vegetables.  I have begun to eat green veggies such as spinach. 

Do the blood result changes reflect a serious change because my doctor didnt say anything about the drop in the WBC?  Also I wasnt exhibiting any symptoms as an anemic except for eating ice.  Does the WBC have anything to do with being anemic?

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