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my vagina is sore, itchy and it's bleeding

Posted by naw

i did an abortion last month. that is january 09. everything was normal. i had my menses on the 9 of january. and it ended on the 15 of jan. 4 days later i again have bleeding from my vagina. it lasted for 4 days. on the 27 of jan it started to bleed again, but in small amount. in between each bleeding, me and husband had unprotected sex. its only 2 weeks now that he's not discharging inside my vagina. today is tuesday, on sunday before i started to feel itchy. i applied some baby cream. and it stop. but then in the morning when i woke up, there was blood in my underwear. yesterday was the same.and today its awful. there's blood clot in my underwear.i recently read on the net that when u get pregnant u start to bleed a little. but that doesnt explain the itchy vagina. is that a kind of infection? a yeast infection?
how do i cure myself?
we're planning to go to a doctor. should i do a pregnancy test before? please help me

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