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My ultrasound showed that my left ovary is now behind my cervix... what is this called?

Posted by rands6

I have had extremely horrid periods for about 18 months now and my ultrasound found that my ovary has moved behind my cervix... my periods have been very heavy, painful and very very long the last one lasted almost 6 weeks... back in Aug. 2005 I had a tubal ligation. I did not have these problems beforer or after until a bout 18 months ago. Now it honestly feels like my uterus is going to fall out when I sit down or take a step... my doctor has NOT been giving me any answers she won't even all me back. PLEASE let me know of ANYTHING you can help me with... I do not have insurance and this is becoming a problem also... ANY help would be great!!  PLEASE get back to me.

 Thank you,


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