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My symptoms are pointing to a hormonal imbalance, if so, what is the best method of treatment? If not, what could it be?

Posted by Fivenine13

I am a healthy twenty-five year old female that has been experiencing the following symptoms consistently for 3 weeks out of every month for the past 8 months: severe fatigue and depression, severe insomnia, breast swelling and tenderness, severe bloating and water retention, worsened constipation, onset of acne, and food cravings. My symptoms have severely evolved to the point of sucidial thoughts, complete loss of interest or drive to get out of bed, physical discomfort from constipation and bloating in the lower abdomen, etc.

 I currently take Generic Adderall 20mg twice daily as needed for ADD, 50mg Zoloft, Solodyn-Oral Antibiotic for Acne, and topical Ziana and Aczone nightly. Occassonally, I take Ambien to sleep, which works 75% of the time.

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