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My stomache is sore when i wake up...and im constantly

Posted by Shannon Schock N. Facebook

hello. I have been diagnosed with PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome) and put on a pill to regulate me which over the last 6 months of trying it it hasnt worked on its own.i go see a specialist in June but until then.. I constantly feel bloated especially when i eat, although my stomache isnt as bloated in the morning after i wake up..however it is really sore, and i did nothing out of the day i will be bloated all day and other days i feel like i lost 100 pounds (i wish).. i mean, its bad enough i cannot have children due to my problem, let alone constant pain and soreness. Sometimes (usually everyday at somepoint) i get shooting pains in chest along with pain on certain spots on my stomache especially when im bloated. so i have 2 this normal with pcos? 2. i wanted a baby since i was 16...infertility ruined my 1st marriage..and my fiance and i have been trying over 4 years now. any fertility help? Its pretty depressing, and frusterating. Iv tried everything like laying certain ways, sex life changes, weight loss...everything..i just cant stand it anymore. HELP!
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PCOS is usually associated with an excess of androgens (testosterone) and insulin resistance, therefore obesity.  The excess testosterone can lead to excess facial & body hair as well as acne.  It's not clear to me what pill you've been given to regulate you but if it's a contraceptive, you're not going to get pregnant while taking it.  On the other hand, some contraceptives have anti-androgenic properties and can help treat acne & excess hair.

Another option for PCOS is the use of metformin or one of the thiazolidenediones (TZDs) which might help with insulin resistance and possible regulate your periods.  This is debatable and the research flip flops back & forth whether metformin or TZD is of any benefit.

However, I'm not familiar with abdominal pain, cramping & bloating as being symptoms of PCOS.  Instead, it makes me think of endometriosis or irritable bowel syndrome.  Celiac disease or gluten sensitivity can also give you stomach cramps & bloating.  Best to ask your family physician to evaluate you for these 3 possibilities while you're waiting to see a specialist.  Good luck!

Thanx that is very helpful. They put me on Provera which like i said doesnt work. im due for my mentstal yesturday. this is normal for me but i kno it isnt good. i woke up with massive back pain today and my stomache feels sore as usual. I had my gallbladder taken out in 2009 and they told me i may get ibs as a result wich im sure i have cuz i cannot keep any food in me without having to go to the bathroom. i thought it would help me..not make it worse..but i havent lost much weight after that maybe 35 pounds max and i work out at the gym atleast 2-3 times a week. we thought it maybe my thyroid but i got tested and its fine. they told me i was borderline diabetic and my gyno told me i was diagnosed with pcos but she never took me for an ultra sound which erks me...i go to see a specialist on tuesday so ill let everyone know how it goes. it just makes me so depressed...all i want is a baby..idc if i have other problems...i just want to be able to be a mom and feel what its like to have that happy moment. is there any hope?
also...i just looked up endometriosis symptoms...and to be honest i dont feel any of those symtoms. however as with PCOS i grow hair the minute i shave..i cant even get my brows done cuz the hair grows in seconds. its sooo annoying. I dont have cramping pain either...its just a sore stomache. feels like someone has been kickin my stomache all night and some days i wake up bloated...and somedays im just sore but i feel thinner. my mom even noticed it. my body is sooo weird scares me.
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