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My period is now 2 months late, I'm so confused???

Posted by Ms2011

My last period finished 24th Nov. I had some pinkish discharge on Jan 6th but nothing since. I've had 4 negative HPT and one negative urine test at the doctors. I've had mild symptoms like cramping, backache and some nausea but nothing too bad. My boyfriend and I always use condoms. I've had my blood test results back today, thyroid is fine, kidneys are fine, liver is fine, hormone balance is fine. I haven't been stressed until now, lost weight etc. What the heck is going one??? Any advice or experiences would be greatly appreciated!
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Finding the correct course of action in your situation can be complex.

Psychological OR physiological stress can suppress the rhythmic actions of GnRH, LH, and FSH just enough to disrupt your cycle.  There are many other posibilities, as well - so many other questions to ask...for instance, your "hormones are fine..." - but how were they checked (just a one time blood draw?  what time of the month were they checked?)...what is your exercise level?  What is your diet like?  How are your sleep patterns (all which effect your chronobiology).

 I wish I could post a simple answer for you here, but that would be like throwing a blind dart!!

 Unfortunately, it IS my knowledge and experience in issues just like these that make it difficult to point you in the right diagnostic direction without more information.  However, discussing your private medical information in this forum would be unethical for me as a practicing medical advocate.


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