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my eye swelled up 3 days ago

Posted by Michelle B. Facebook

went to a&e told allergy got allergy eye drops

next day swelling is worse and now have swollen gland near ear on my face that is painful and swollen glands in neck

went to emerg and was told shingles? i dont have any rash or been near anyone with chickenpox lol

now day 4 no spots swelling in eye same and lump still painful any ideas?

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Did you have chickenpox before? if you did, then it's possible to have have shingles since the virus that causes shingles is the same as the chickenpix virus. When you have chickenpox the virus isn't wiped from your system,  but can lay dormant, eventually casusing shingles. 


You should let your doctor know about the lack of spots and rashes though. Hopefully they an help you out.  


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