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Most know about YO-YO Dieting, but do you know about YO-YO Exercising?

Posted Feb 15 2010 6:43am
So we all know by now that YO-YO dieting has the reputation of adding pounds to your frame but did you know so can YO-YO exercising.  Besides adding pounds it can add excess stress to your heart and lungs by stopping and starting those intense exercise programs needed to lose the pounds.  I highly advocate going the distance and going all out with your exercise, but not at the expense of finding yourself back on the couch in 6 months packing on the winter weight again. 
And yes that is why the couch potatoes of the world are having heart attacks during these unusual boughts of winter blizzards.  Think about it most people have to remove the snow from their car, driveway, or even their sidewalk.  Whether they use a snow blower or a shovel it takes some exertion, and that exertion can be 3 x greater on the person who remains adverse to any consistent exercise program.  So next time you consider taking a few days off of working out or taking a break think about the potential consequences if you never go back.  You may need to move the snow off our sidewalk again, and it would be a real tragedy if you suffered a heart attack because you just didn't feel like working out for the last year or two.... 
So when you are deciding on what you should do to get started, think about this...Proven and sustaniable exercise programs can come in short bursts of energy which include cardiovascular and resistance (weight) training.  In order to maintain or improve your metabolism it is imperative to move with a little bit of resistance.  Without realizing it you can improve your overall health by increasing resistance and time incrementally.  One thing you need to remember is consistency, try starting a minimum of 3 days a week. Going all out when you haven't done anything in months or years, is like shoveling 18 inches of snow from a 1/4 mile driveway, just not a real good idea.  Make it a priority in your life and give up something that isn't so important, like watching 1hour of T.V.  Stop the cycle of YO-YO Exercising, stay on track,schedule your exercise into your daily calendar and make yourself a priority.
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